Shanghai T.S. Industrial Co.,Ltd specializes in the research, production, and sales of high-precision seamless hydraulic steel tubes and cold-drawn welded tubes for various industries such as engineering machinery, automotive vehicles, railway locomotives, precision machinery, ships, aerospace, hydraulic energy, and industrial equipment. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive application solutions and attentive services to our customers.

We are committed to product research and rigorous quality control. We use high-quality carbon steel as raw material and employ advanced production techniques to ensure that our precision seamless steel tubes have no oxide layer on the inner and outer surfaces, exhibiting high brightness and dimensional accuracy. The inner and outer walls of these tubes possess bright characteristics similar to stainless steel, meeting the special requirements of various industries for high precision and high cleanliness seamless steel tubes. Our tubes fully comply with the mechanical performance requirements such as high pressure resistance, tensile strength, and impact resistance, and demonstrate excellent mechanical properties, placing them at the forefront of the industry.

Our export capacity is 80,000 tons, including 40,000 tons of electric welded precision steel tubes, 20,000 tons of electric welded cold-drawn precision tubes, and 20,000 tons of precision seamless hydraulic tubes. We also have the capability to process millions of short tubes. Our products are mainly applied in areas such as automotive spare parts, shock absorbers, steering gears, and transmission shafts.

Our tube standards are based on the DIN2391/DIN2393 series. We select high-quality hot-rolled seamless steel tubes produced by Baosteel in Shanghai as raw materials and employ precise and efficient manufacturing processes for steel tubes. Through procedures such as precision drawing and precision rolling, we produce precision seamless steel tubes with high dimensional accuracy and high brightness. In addition, we utilize an oxygen-free heat treatment process to ensure that the inner and outer surfaces of the steel tubes do not produce oxide films, guaranteeing high dimensional accuracy and high brightness while significantly improving the mechanical processing performance. Our steel tubes feature characteristics such as expansion without cracking, flattening without deformation, and the ability to withstand high pressure without leakage. We also offer high-precision galvanized hydraulic steel tubes and black phosphated precision hydraulic steel tubes.

Our tubes can replace similar imported tubes and are widely used in industries such as engineering machinery, automotive manufacturing, diesel engines, railway locomotives, power stations, military industry, aerospace, ships, injection molding machines, die-casting machines, machine tools, petrochemicals, boilers, hydraulic systems, and more. Furthermore, our steel tubes are suitable for replacing copper tubes in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry and can meet the requirements of imported and domestic ferrule sets. Our seamless bright steel tubes are an excellent choice.

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