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Imperial Electro-Zinc Plated Hydraulic Tube

Imperial Electro-Zinc Plated Hydraulic Tube is a pipe manufactured to British measurement standards, electroplated with zinc for corrosion resistance, primarily used in hydraulic systems, prevalent in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, offering durability and versatility.

1. What is Imperial?

   Imperial is a system of measurement that uses British units. The main units include inches, feet, miles, etc. Countries that mainly use the Imperial system include the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.

2. What is Electro-Zinc Plating?

   Electro-zinc plating is a surface treatment process that involves electrochemically depositing a layer of zinc onto a metal surface to prevent oxidation. This process involves the following steps:

   - Surface Preparation: The metal surface is cleaned to remove grease, dirt, and other impurities to ensure uniform adhesion of the plating.

   - Pickling: The metal material is immersed in an acidic solution to remove oxide layers and other surface contaminants, preparing it for the plating process.

   - Plating Process: The prepared metal material serves as the cathode, while zinc serves as the anode, placed in an electrolyte solution. Through the application of an external electric current, zinc is deposited onto the metal surface to form a layer of zinc.

   - Post-Treatment: After plating, the pipes are rinsed and treated to remove residual electrolytes and other impurities, followed by drying.

3. Imperial Electro-Zinc Plated Hydraulic Tube Advantages:

   - Corrosion Resistance: Electro-zinc plating effectively prevents oxidation and corrosion of the metal pipe surface, improving its durability and service life.

   - Wear Resistance: The high hardness of the zinc layer enhances the wear resistance of the pipe, reducing wear and tear caused by friction.

   - Appearance Quality: Electro-zinc plated pipes have a smooth, uniform appearance, enhancing their aesthetics.

   - Environmental Friendliness: Compared to other anti-corrosion treatments, electro-zinc plating has minimal environmental impact and meets environmental requirements.

4. Imperial Electro-Zinc Plated Hydraulic Tube Applications:

   Imperial Electro-Zinc Plated hydraulic tubes are primarily used in hydraulic systems for conveying hydraulic fluids such as hydraulic oil. They are widely used in various industrial equipment, machinery manufacturing, automotive brake systems, etc., to meet the high-pressure and high-temperature requirements of hydraulic transmission. These pipes can be used in hydraulic systems in construction machinery, agricultural equipment, aerospace, etc.

Electro-Zinc Plated Hydraulic Tube

Imperial Electro-Zinc Plated Hydraulic Tube

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