Fuel Injection Pipes For Engine

Fuel Injection Pipes For Engines
Our fuel injection pipes are engineered with precision and manufactured under stringent quality control measures to meet the exacting demands of the automotive sector. Whether you require bare or fabricated pipes, we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. These tubes are crafted to be scale-free, bright, soft, and annealed seamlessly, ensuring a clean, mirror-like finish that meets the highest industry standards.
Fuel Injection Pipes Specifications:
- DIN 73000 (ST 30 Al)
  - This specification ensures the quality and suitability of the material for automotive fuel injection systems.
- DIN 73000 (ST 52.4)
  - This standard specifies the requirements for seamless precision steel tubes suitable for fuel injection systems.
- ISO 8535-1
  - International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard for seamless cold-drawn single-wall tubes for high-pressure fuel injection systems.
- SAE J1958
  - Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard for fuel injection tubing, ensuring compatibility and performance in automotive applications.
Fuel Injection Pipes Quality and Inspection:
- Salt Spray Test: Assessing corrosion resistance.
- Tensile Test: Evaluating the materials mechanical properties under tension.
- Hydrostatic Pressure Test: Ensuring the tubes can withstand high-pressure environments.
- Eddy Current Test: Detecting surface and subsurface defects.
- Flattening, Flaring, Bending Test: Assessing the tubes ductility and formability.
- Surface Roughness Test: Verifying the smoothness of the tubes surface.
- Hardness Test: Determining the materials hardness, which impacts durability.
- Burst Test: Evaluating the tubes burst strength under pressure.
- Chemical Laboratory Analysis: Ensuring material composition meets specifications.
- Metallurgical & Stereomicroscope Examination: Analyzing microstructure for defects.
- Various Gauges for Dimensional Measurements: Ensuring precise dimensions as per requirements.
Fuel Injection Pipes Highlights and Strengths:
- Scale-free bright tubes annealed or normalized in a bright annealing furnace under a reducing atmosphere, ensuring uniform properties throughout the tube.
- Manufactured from fully aluminum-killed steel to prevent aging-related issues such as brittleness and cracks, ensuring long-term durability and performance.
- Surface roughness maintained below 2 Microns Ra value as per OEM specifications, minimizing friction and improving fuel efficiency.
- No weld seam ensures structural integrity and reduces the risk of leaks.
- Excellent solderability makes our tubes ideal for fuel rails, facilitating efficient fuel delivery.
- Bright annealed surface reduces the formation of deposits, ensuring smooth fuel flow and optimal engine performance.
- High precision and dimensional accuracy guarantee a perfect fit and consistent performance.
- Excellent coaxiality ensures uniform fuel distribution, enhancing engine efficiency.
- Reliable and dimensionally stable even under extreme loads and high pressures, ensuring long-term performance and safety.
- Seamless processing without difficulties allows for smooth integration into various automotive systems.
- Customized prefabrication options ensure our tubes are perfectly suited for boring, punching, and machining applications, meeting specific design requirements.
We dedicate to providing fuel injection pipes of the highest quality, meeting stringent industry standards, and exceeding customer expectations. Contact us to discuss your requirements and discover how our products can elevate your automotive applications.
Fuel Injection Pipes

Fuel Injection Pipes For Engines

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